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uLisp on M5Stack (ESP32):
built-in LED of the M5Atom Lite

December 8, 2021, Lisp

I just published support of the M5Atom Lite LED at ulisp-esp-m5stack.

There is a C function that you can call like this:


where 0x00ff00 describes a RGB color in 32 bits.

And a uLisp function that you can call very similarly like this:

(atom-led #xffff00)

Activate #define enable_m5atom_led to get it. That will also automatically init_atomled(); in setup() after booting the ESP32.

I have actually tried the libraries FastLED (by Daniel Garcia, version 3.4.0), Easy Neopixels (by Evelyn MAsso, version 0.2.3), and NeoPixelBus (by Makuna, version 2.6.9) as well, but settled to use the library Adafruit NeoPixel (by Adafruit, version 1.10.0). It is small, doesn't have tons of bloat, works for me and has a nice interface that makes my implementation so tiny you would think it was almost no work.

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