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December 6, 2021, Lisp
Last edited on May 3, 2022

I got notified that I haven't updated ulisp-esp-m5stack at GitHub for quite a while. Sorry, for that. Over the last months I worked on a commercial project using uLisp and forgot to update the public repository. At least I have bumped ulisp-esp-m5stack to my version of it from May 13th, 2021 now.

It is a—then—unpublished version of uLisp named 3.6b which contains a bug fix for a GC bug in with-output-to-string and a bug fix for lispstring, both authored by David Johnson-Davies who sent them to my via email for testing. Thanks a lot again! It seems they are also included in the uLisp Version 3.6b that David published on 20th June 2021.

I know there David published a couple of new releases of uLisp in the meantime with many more interesting improvements but this is the version I am using since May together with a lot of changes by me which I hope to find time to release as well in the near future.

Error-handling in uLisp by Goheeca

I am using Goheeca's Error-handling code since June and I couldn't work without it anymore. I just noticed that he allowed my to push his work to my repository in July already. So I just also published my branch error-handling to ulisp-esp-m5stack/error-handling. It's Goheeca's patches together with a few small commits by me on top of it, mainly to achieve this (as noted in the linked forum thread already):

To circumvent the limitation of the missing multiple-values that you mentioned with regard to ignore-errors, I have added a GlobalErrorString to hold the last error message and a function get-error to retrieve it. I consider this to be a workaround but it is good enough to show error messages in the little REPL of the Lisp handheld.

See also "Stand-alone uLisp computer (with code!)".

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