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December 20, 2020, Miscellaneous
Last edited on January 24, 2021

Twitter restricted my new account lisp_mgr after not even five minutes. Guess I rather write here in my good old weblog then.

I thought the web was supposed to be decentralized so that each user can also be an author. The so called web 2.0 with its wikis and weblogs, later blogs, went a bit into that direction. But why is it these days reduced to just a few huge "community" web services?

Well, if you wondered why I got my old blog running again: This is the reason. Welcome to 2004!

Account suspended

Update Jan 24, 2021: Now the Account is even suspended. I see my posts but without being logged in as me one just gets the message:

“Account suspended
Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”
Click for a larger version (17 kB).

Funny. They don't even have the decency to just delete the account altogether or read any email. People just moved an masse from Whatsapp to alternatives such as Signal. Maybe Twitter should be abandoned as well.

Well, I just started to move the few content I had tweeted to this old weblog.

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