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Take it easy, Dude!

April 19, 2005, Motion-Picture
Last edited on July 30, 2006

The Dude, Relaxation Within Car

Tonight The Big Lebowski was shown at our university's cinema. A marvellous Movie! It's exceedingly funny and, above all, a glorious lesson in relaxation. But better than I could ever do it, the following article is able to mimic the feeling of the motion picture (indeed I've just unashamedly copied a phrase from it): In `The Big Lebowski,' the Dude abides.

My favourite scene:

The Dude enters his flat, his head is grabbed from behind and tucked into an armpit. He is propelled through his living room, his bedroom into a small bathroom, and hands plunge his head into the toilet. Several times the hands haul the Dude out of the toilet, the torturer shouts "Where's the money, Lebowski!" and plunges the Dude's head right back into the toilet again. Finally the torturer hauls him out, shouting "Where's the fucking money, shithead!", without plunging him back right away. The Dude answers dripping and gasping: "It's uh, it's down there somewhere. Lemme take another look."

Or this one, even in the same scene some moments later:

The blond man stoops to unzip the Dude's satchel. He pulls out a bowling ball and examines it in the manner of a superstitious native.

The Dude gropes back in the toilet with one hand. The Dude's hand comes out of the toilet bowl with his Sunglasses and puts on his dripping sunglasses.

Blond Man: "What the fuck is this?"
Dude: "Obviously you're not a golfer."

Now I have finally the aptly term that grasps the reason why I like the AKK so much: The people that run it have just understood the Dude's lesson in relaxation!

"I like your style, Dude!"

(I can't remember citations correctly therefore they are copied from a transcription.)

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