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"Am I missing something here?"

May 20, 2006, Lisp
Last edited on May 20, 2006

"If Forth is such a simple (low-level) language, why not just use a simple (low-level) language like assembler?"

This quote has made my day. Gotta love those weblogs or news pages where anyone can leave a comment. This one has been taken from the OSNews webpage (linked from a colorForth resources page).

Speaking of comments: Don't be offended that you cannot leave a comment on this page. Of course, this doesn't mean that I see you as such an "anybody" that would only leave a stupid comment nor that I am not interested in your comments. Quite the contrary: I like to get comments. But you have to write an email for that. Hm, perhaps I should add a form in order to lower the barrier...

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