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A European, please!

March 16, 2007, Lisp

Just found googling:

--- Day changed Wed May 17 2006 [...] 14:57 < Xach> Any germans around? 14:58 < Xach> Europeans work too. 14:58 < Beef> dze germans, I spit on them 14:58 < Beef> euro here 14:58 < pjb> I'm French, living in Spain. Do I qualify? 14:58 < mvilleneuve> french here 14:58 < Xach> Could you go to Max-Gerd's house and ask him to fix his blog? 14:58 < Beef> :P 14:58 < Xach> Max-Gerd Retzlaff lives somewhere in Germany. 14:59 < mvilleneuve> that's at least 1000 kilometers from where I live, phone or email might be more efficient... 15:02 < ThomasIl> german here, why? 15:04 < Xach> ThomasIl: I am trying to reach Max-Gerd Retzlaff, who is also German. 15:04 < Xach> If you all get together soon, please mention to him that his blog is broken. 15:04 < ThomasIl> well 15:04 < ThomasIl> if its somewhere near my house I could do heh 15:04 < ThomasIl> but doubtful 15:04 < ThomasIl> :P 15:04 < lichtblau> Xach: you should get one of these fancy new electronic mail things, then you can communicate with him directly 15:05 < Xach> That's just crazy enough to work! 15:05 < lichtblau> Karlsruhe, if I'm not mistaken. Someone summon manuel_! 15:08 < gingras_y> Xach, why don't you leave a comment on his blog? 15:08 gingras_y ducks 15:09 < Adrinael> Priceless. [...] 15:14 Xach kicks gingras_y into YGingrasland

Curious Dead-Sexy-Xach!

(Full text in the publicly archived logs of the freenode-channel #lisp.)

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