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Newton's Birthday Eve

December 26, 2005, Lisp
Last edited on March 16, 2007

Christmassy toughts in #lisp:

20:33 <mgr> gilberth: Merry Christmas! (A bit late, but not too late. :) 20:34 <gilberth> mgr: Well we celebrated Newton's birthday; but thanks anyway :) 20:36 <lichtblau> so what are going to tell your children (once you've got some) about who brings the presents? "oh just look under the newtontree what old newton brought this night?" ;-) 20:36 <hefner> gravity? 20:36 <gilberth> Well, I'll tell them Netwon found out about gravity, not because an apple fell from the tree, but a present. 20:37 <lichtblau> oh, of course! 20:37 <gilberth> And the present is from the spaghetti monster of course. 20:37 <lichtblau> gravity, the basic recipe for a romantic childhood story! 20:38 <mgr> gilberth: :) That seems to be a better occasion! Though you are probably a bit early for our Gregorian calendar. ;)

(Full text in the publicly archived logs of the freenode-channel #lisp.)

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